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Action ‘Creativity is’ Imagination Preparation
Art Criticism Impossibility Problems
Artists Curiosity Incubation Progress
Attention Daring Individuality Quantity
Attitude Desire Innovation Questions
Beginners Deviation Inspiration Quotations
Beginning Doubt Intuition Rationality
Being Discovery Invention Rearrangement
Being different Dreaming Judgement Resistance
Being creative Education Knowledge Risk
Being uncreative Effort Leaping Robustness of ideas
Belief Emergence Learning Science
Business Enjoyment Letting go Seeing
Certainty Enthusiasm Listening Self
Challenge Experience Living creatively Simplicity
Change Experimenting Love Stimulation
Chaos and disorder Exploration Luck Subconscious
Children By experts Madness Success
Climate On experts Managing Surprise
Collaboration Failure Memory Talent
Commitment Fear the Mind Talent vs. genius
Common sense Foolishness Necessity Tension
Communication Fragility of new ideas Openness Thinking
Confidence the Future Opportunity Time
Connections Genius Originality Truth


Goals Passion Understanding
Consistency Habit People Unpredictability
Constraints Hope Perception Vision


Ideas Persistence Wisdom
Copying Ignorance Play Wonder
Courage Illumination Potential Words

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