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On Judgement...


Sooner or later, after generating lots of ideas, you have to decide which to carry forward for further development. This is difficult as you may end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Judgement also comes from others when you least want it, along with all of their biases.

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‘If you are pained by external things, it is not they that disturb you, but your own judgment of them. And it is in your power to wipe out that judgment now.’

Marcus Aurelius

‘The more you judge, the less you love.’

Honoré de Balzac

‘Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.’

Napoleon Boneparte

‘No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time a steady eye.’

Winston Churchill

‘Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.’

Leonardo Da Vinci

Experience does not err, it is only your judgment that errs in promising itself results that are not caused by your experiments.’

Leonardo Da Vinci

‘You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure, what you do not understand.’

Leonardo Da Vinci

‘Without creative, independently thinking and judging personalities the upward development of society is as unthinkable as the development of the individual personality without the nourishing soil of the community.’

Albert Einstein

Science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be, and outside of its domain value judgments of all kinds remain necessary.’

Albert Einstein

‘It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.’

Sally Field

‘I had a terrific idea this morning, but I didn’t like it.’

Samuel Goldwyn

‘Prejudice is the child of ignorance.’

William Hazlitt

‘The typical eye sees the ten per cent bad of an idea and overlooks the ninety per cent good.’

Charles F. Kettering

‘We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.’

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

‘It seems that the creative faculty and the critical faculty cannot exist together in their highest perfection.’

Thomas Macaulay

‘Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom, while discouragement often nips it in the bud. Any of us put out more and better ideas if our efforts are truly appreciated.’

Alex Osborn

People find ideas a bore because they do not distinguish between live ones and stuffed ones on a shelf.’

Ezra Pound

‘New ideas can be good and bad, just the same as old ones.’

Franklin D. Roosevelt

People have enough ideas. The real question is “Which ideas are you going to use?”.’

Michael Ray

‘The very essence of the creative is its novelty, and hence we have no standard by which to judge it.’

Carl Rogers

‘Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from poor judgment.’

Will Rogers

‘Do not judge, and you will never be mistaken.’

Jean Jaques Rousseau

‘If you would judge, understand.’

Lucius Seneca

‘Regarded in isolation, an idea may be quite insignificant, and venturesome in the extreme, but it may acquire importance from an idea which follows it; perhaps, in a certain collocation with other ideas, which may seem equally absurd, it may be capable of furnishing a very serviceable link.’

Friedrich von Schiller

‘If you judge people, you have no time to love them.’

Mother Theresa

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.’


‘It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.’

Oscar Wilde



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