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On Conservatism...


Staying the same, staying with the things you know, is comfortable and safe. Or so it seems. If the world is changing around you, then it can be the most dangerous thing you can do.

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constraints, consistency*, education, fear, resistance*, progress


‘The main dangers in this life are the people who want to change everything …or nothing.’

Nancy Astor

‘Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everybody gets busy on the proof.’

William Bridges

‘The people who oppose your ideas the most are those who represent the establishment that your ideas will upset.’

Anthony J. D’Angelo

‘The reason men oppose progress is not that they hate progress, but that they love inertia.’

Elbert Hubbard

‘The innovator has for enemies all who have done well under the old, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new.’

Niccolò Machiavelli

‘Any change is resisted because bureaucrats have a vested interest in the chaos in which they exist.’

Richard Nixon

‘Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves.’

Bertrand Russell

‘Bureaucracy is the enemy of innovation.’

Mark Shepherd

‘When the human race has once acquired a superstition, nothing short of death is ever likely to remove it.’

Mark Twain

‘The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out, the conservative adopts them.’

Mark Twain

‘Contrary to general belief, an artist is never ahead of his time but most people are far behind theirs.’

Edgard Varèse

‘It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.’




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