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How to Invent (Almost) Anything (Free full book)



Here is the full content of our book, 'How To Invent (Almost) Anything', freely available to all! What does this mean? You can read it any time you like. You can't republish it, as we retain copyright.

Have fun!

Dave and Graham

Outline Contents (also see Full Contents)




Toolbox 1: Logical

1       Analytical Invention: Break things down and question them. Simple and powerful.

Part A: Simple Science

2       Simple Science: Energy, matter, space and time. That’s all you have to invent with.

3       A Simple Science Lens: Looking at friction through an unconventional lens.

4       Applied Simple Science: Hinges, bottle-tops, levers, nuts and bolts, knives. All fall before simple science!


Toolbox 2: Scientific

5 Basic TRIZ: Here’s how 200,000 patentees did it.

6 The TRIZ 7-step process: Simplified TRIZ for speedier invention.

Part B: Psychobabble

7       How the Brain Works: We are just pattern machines. That’s all.

8       The Motivating Fire: Survival = Control + Identity + Novelty. The fires that make us do what we do.

9       Managing in a Complex World: Sense, understand, decide, act. There’s many a slip. 


Toolbox 3: Psychological

10     Getting Past the Blocks: Go under, around, through. Just don’t get blocked.

11     Stimulating Ideas: How to set yourself on fire!

Part C: Putting it all together

Toolbox 4: Holistic

12     The TAO Process

Cold logic, Simple science, TRIZ and psychology. All in one box.



Appendix A: Altshuller’s 39 Parameters

Appendix B: TRIZ Contradiction Matrix

Appendix C: TRIZ 40 principles





How To Invent (Almost) Anything


Serious Innovation
Science and Psychology


David Straker and Graham Rawlinson


Copyright David Straker and Graham Rawlinson, 2001, 2011




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How to Invent (Almost) Anything
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