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Part A: Simple Science


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > Part A: Simple Science

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Simple science? What is that? For many people, science is a far-from-simple anathema whilst for others it is akin to a religion, where your grasp of arcane concepts determines your place in the hierarchy. But the basics of much useful science are not difficult and a simple view can get you a long way.

Science is full of rules that say ‘you can do this but you cannot do that.’ In inventing, we do not like the word ‘cannot’, so our look at science is more about taking oblique, irreverent and sometimes downright unscientific views on it.

But why? Should we not use science as it is? After all, many great minds have worked for many years on giving us a sound set of rules. The answer is yes and no. Yes, science is extremely useful but, as we shall say again, you do not have to be a scientist to invent things with science. And furthermore, blindly accepting what you are given is not a sound basis for inventing new futures for the world.

Consequently, the next three chapters are about looking at science and thinking differently. We start with some simple fundamentals and then take an unusual peek at a scientific principle (friction) before attacking some everyday odds and ends from a ‘simple science’ point of view.


2. Simple Science

3. A Simple Science Lens

4. Applied Simple Science


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