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11. Stimulating Ideas


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 11. Stimulating Ideas

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Once we have cleared enough of our mental blocks out of the way, we can then start to prod our brains into creating new and inventive ideas. This chapter uses our understanding of the how our inner systems work to describe a wide range of techniques that we can use to bounce our thinking out of the everyday ruts of entrenched thought patterns and into new and creative possibilities.

We offer five principles that can be used to stimulate ideas, within each of which a number of tools are described:

  • Challenging assumptions and beliefs.
  • Creating inner tension and driving need.
  • Changing viewpoint, perceiving things differently.
  • Paying attention and making great user of our senses
  • Combining things around the problem.

Although many methods use a combination of the above approaches, we are utilising them here as a sorting mechanism that highlights the major principles in the techniques offered.

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