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6. The 7-Step TRIZ Process


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 6. The 7-Step TRIZ Process

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TRIZ can seem very complex with many new words and ideas which, when you are not fully comfortable with it, can make the development of new ideas somewhat more difficult. When building TRIZ, the Soviet TRIZ scientists had technology very much in mind, so most TRIZ examples strongly feature machines and mechanics. Sometimes it is not easy to see the process ideas embedded in the solutions for the devices being re-invented.

We have been asked again and again to simplify TRIZ and to make it applicable to non-technological areas such as services, marketing, software programming, and systems design rather than hardware design. So we applied the methods in this book to TRIZ itself, taking out the technical elements to leave the core process intact.

You can use this simple matrix approach as a start to learning and using TRIZ and then move onto the more traditional TRIZ approach. You can also, of course, use it for technical as well as non-technical inventing.

To make the process simple, a short list of steps is used. Practise Steps 1 to 3 on many different everyday things from the design of your kettle, to planning a holiday, to using your time at work. Then as you get to use these steps easily you will find the others get easier to use, too.

When you are familiar with the steps you can vary and extend the approach by jumping around inside these steps or go on to a more detailed approach.

Fig. 6.1 The TRIZ 7-step process


Here is the detail of the seven step TRIZ process:

Other sections in this chapter:

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