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Part B: Psychobabble


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > Part B: Psychobabble

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Quick: What is the second most difficult thing in the world to understand? Other people, of course, because the most difficult thing to understand is ourselves. Using our brains to understand our brains is a reflexive twist that sometimes threatens to turn us inside out, but it is worth the effort, as our brains are the only real tool with which we can invent.

Part of the problem is that our minds are remarkably good at self-defence, throwing out potential new ideas with a deft dodge or even a more terminal twist of the knife. We constantly babble away to ourselves, whispering dire consequences that deny our creative possibilities. We thus need to learn to use the internal arts on ourselves, smoothing past the inner critic to rediscover the creative potential that has become dormant in so many of us.

The first step on this path is to throw back the covers and take a peek at what lies (in all senses of the word) beneath. As with our playing with simple science, the imperfect view that we gain sure beats no view and offers us a whole raft of tools with which to prise out the seeds of ideas that we can turn into the great inventions of tomorrow.


7. How The Brain Works

8. The Motivating Fire

9. Managing in a Complex World

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