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12.6.3. Logic: Attributes


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 12. The TAO Design Process > 12.6. The Logic Cloud > 12.6.3. Logic: Attributes

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Attributes is a part of the logic cloud, a group of thinking tools and processes that can help you find your way through innovative and creative problems.

Fig. 12.6 The logic cloud

At any level during breakdown, the attributes of the components can give us many options for improvement and change. Attributes often appear as indicators of the adjectives that describe the nouns which are the variable parts of the situation. A light can have its brightness, position, colour and much, much more changed. Adjectives from ‘brightness’ include dim, dazzling and muted.

When we are changing attributes, we can do this in as many ways as there are verbs that can be applied. We can stretch, break, bend, move, reset, open, sharpen and stack.

Fig. 12.7 Changing attributes

So take your problem and play with the words you can attach to it. What are the nouns that describe its parts, relationships and other factors? What are the adjectives that are the attributes that describe the nouns? What are the verbs that can be applied to change these? You can even add some adverbs, such as quickly, unevenly, regularly and hotly. Make one list for each of these, then combine them randomly and see what happens!

Other parts of the logic cloud are:

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