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12.6.8. Logic: Unscience: Time


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 12. The TAO Design Process > 12.6. The Logic Cloud > 12.6.8. Unscience: Time

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With simple science and unscience approach, you can think about space and how you can use it in innovative ways.

Fig. 12.6 The logic cloud

Time may seem like a fixed resource, but there are many ways of turning it to your advantage. Here are a few:

  • Prior action. Imagine you are going on a picnic. You don’t want to take a cutting board for your sandwiches so you cut them before you go. The bread will start drying out as soon as they are packed so you moisten them just a little before you pack them. For a big box of sandwiches which may squash the ones at the bottom you make little trays to sit in the sandwich box and these are the trays people eat off.
  • Parallelism. Timing can be sequential or parallel. What are your options for doing what you want to do while you are also doing something else and what is best done in sequence? For example, I might design my conservatory while I am taking coffee breaks. Discontinuous and as part of doing something else. Parallel activity usually means preparation by the way, before the activity starts.
  • Periodicity. Do things happen all of the time or sometimes? If sometimes, how frequently do things happen? What about the beat: is it regular or irregular? Can you turn things off when they are not used? Can you avoid wasted time by using them for other purposes? Is the pattern stop-start or do thing slowly build up and down? When you are washing a car, what would happen if you change the water flow from a hose from constant flow to pulses? The changes in pressure is far better for knocking off the atoms and molecules.
  • Total time. If you want to get past a pack of wild dogs it may be best to run! Sometimes minimal harm occurs or minimal risk if you do things very quickly. The faster the better. This even works for cutting. This is partly why an axe works well for chopping wood.

Other dimensions of unscience:

Other sections in this chapter are:

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