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12.6.4. Logic: Unscience


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 12. The TAO Design Process > 12.6. The Logic Cloud > 12.6.4. Logic: Unscience

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Unscience is a part of the logic cloud, a group of thinking tools and processes that can help you find your way through innovative and creative problems.

Fig. 12.6 The logic cloud

What is 'unscience'? It is an approach that uses the tools of science, but not too seriously. It means looking at the small stuff, digging down to what the atoms, waves and fundamentals are doing, what they might be doing and what you'd like them to be doing. You do not have to be a physicist to play at this level, even though physicists would perhaps like to be the only people working here. In fact you do not have to fully understand it. With just a surface idea of what is going on, you can achieve a remarkable amount and create surprising innovations.

You can also employ more highly qualified people if it makes sense to dig into the detail, but never let them blind you with science. Demand that they explain in terms that you understand, even if this misses some key points. And infect them with your sense of playfulness and intensity. When an academic gets to let their hair down, it's surprising what they can come up with!

Elements of unscience are:

Other sections in this chapter are:

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