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11.2.4. Creative Tension: Truth and Vision


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 11. Stimulating Ideas > 11.2. Creating Tension > 11.2.4. Creative Tension: Truth and Vision

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This is a carrot-and-stick method to create internal tensions that impel your subconscious mind into creative action. By increasing discontent with the status quo you can break free of the present and move towards a desirable future.

First, shake yourself out of any complacency or procrastination by telling the honest and naked truth about your current situation. Create a deep desire to change through the use of deep thinking and self-talk that highlights what will and will not happen if you stay where you are and do nothing. For example, admit your current level of poverty and your desperate need to escape it. You may also confront the limitations of the area in which you want to invent, such as inability of a motor to rotate faster than its theoretical limits (although beware here of creating limiting thoughts that reduce, rather than enhance, your creativity).

Next, forge a psychological magnet by identifying a clear and desirable future. See yourself being successful, receiving what accolade and reward that you truly want. Notice what you see, hear and feel. Also see the completed invention being used as it should, working perfectly according to your designs.

As with goals, you can strengthen these by writing them down and telling other people. We identify with what we write and say, and making these outer commitments will also build a powerful inner impetus.

An extra trick you can use is to state your vision in the present tense. This accentuates the difference between reality and the vision (you can also use this technique with any idea, stating it as if it were true now).

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