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11.2.2. Creative Tension: Goal-Setting


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 11. Stimulating Ideas > 11.2. Creating Tension > 11.2.2. Creative Tension: Goal-Setting

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This method is simply to set yourself a goal. This seems simple, but if you can really commit to it, goal-setting can be a simple and effective method of creating a internal compulsion to work on your problem until you achieve the goal.

An acronym that is sometimes used for objectives and goals is ‘SMART’, which means you should have a Specific and clear goal which is Measurable so you can tell when you are getting there, Achievable so you do not take on the impossible, Relevant to your overall problem and Timely, so you have a defined ‘by when’ associated with the goal.

Remember the difference between needs, wants and like-to-haves. To make a powerful goal, you should make it a strong need. Think of a time when you really needed something, and were prepared to move heaven and earth to get it. Notice how you thought and felt about that need and bring it back with you and put it into your goal. Feel how you really need to achieve this. See the discomfort of not achieving it. What would you say to yourself if you did not reach the goal?

You can also strengthen goals by writing them down or by telling other people (the more the better) what you are going to do. The prospect of losing esteem is a powerful motivator which you can use to prod your subconscious into creative action.

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