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11.1.1. Challenging: Challenge


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 11. Stimulating Ideas > 11.1. Challenging > 11.1.1. Challenging: Challenge

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The simplest creative technique is to challenge anything and everything, perhaps in the way that children question things. Ask ‘Why’, not as an analytical approach to find the cause but as a challenge to make you think when you might otherwise have passed by a potential invention opportunity.

For example, you could as ‘Why do I have to double lock the doors of my house every night?’ Is security more important at night? Why could I not have a system which locked the door securely every time I shut it? Why do I need a key? How could the door recognise me and open as I approach? How could I not even need a door?

You can also challenge any of your deep systems, including mental models, beliefs, values and goals. Take anything that you have not questioned for a long time and question it. Watch yourself as you work and think. Watch yourself judging yourself and challenge that part of you that says ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘That won’t work.’

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