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3.7. Invention 'So What'?


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 3. A Simple Science Lens > 3.7. Invention 'So What'?

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The ideas we have discussed above are not presented as the high science of friction, but a surprising number of things you can make will require some thinking about how well parts hold on to, or let go of, other parts. Whether you bolt, screw, glue, weld or fasten pieces together, you should think about the potential of changing how you do this using the considerations above.

Think of it as a ‘what if?’ checklist. Can you invent better ways of connecting parts? If so you may be able to produce a much better design. Many things we use do not have good friction properties. Things stick when we want them to glide and slip when we want them to stick. Things break apart and they should stay together, or refuse to come apart when we want to separate them. Invention opportunities abound for the observant.

Just for fun, have a look around the supermarket and look at how produce is sealed into bags, boxes and tubs. Look at how many devices there are and think bout how well they work. Do you buy things in bags and then have trouble getting them to open? Bottles for pills are a good example of good and bad design as they are specifically designed to so that children cannot open them (but they often can) and adults can (but often cannot). Can you think of better designs using the ideas about friction above?

Look at the various devices and objects Fig. 3.4. What are the points at which friction occurs in them? What are the effects of friction? Where is friction most troublesome? How could you reduce or even eliminate friction? Could you use some form of lubrication? How would you contain it? Could you use less moving parts? Could you have less area of contact? Or more? How would this change things?

Fig. 3.4 What are the friction effects? How can they be improved?


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