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2.4. Science and Space


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 2. Simple Science > 2.4. Science and Space

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Things use space in different ways. Something with many spikes uses space differently to something with a smooth surface. A solid object uses space differently to a hollow object. The gaps and empty spaces in things can be there to make something lighter (consider all the holes in a chair) or to enable things to fit together (the hole in a nut is designed so a screw will fit snugly into it).

Let's look at some of the attributes of shape:


A space invention

Let us use some of the analytical inventing from Chapter 1 whilst keeping in mind the basic principles of inventing with matter, space and shape.

An aeroplane has wheels and tyres. What is the purpose of the tyre? When the aeroplane is taking off you want grip, but not much, to steer it at low speeds. After a certain speed the engines will send you where they want to send you.

When the plane is landing, then much more grip is needed to help slow down the aeroplane from very high air-speeds. So, I want low grip for take off and high grip for landing. I can use an ABS system for landing but this may add weight. Can I get grip with little or no extra weight?

The next level of questioning is ‘Why does the tyre grip the runway?’ Well, it depends in part on the contact between the tyre molecules and the runway surface. This is affected by how much tyre is touching the runway. So maybe I can have a lot of contact on landing and little on take off.

How can I change how much tyre touches the runway? By changing the shape of the tyre. How can I change the shape of the tyre? By changing the pressure in the tyre or through squeezing of the tyre, maybe with the rim/hub.


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