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1.12. Verbs


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 1. Analytic Invention > 1.12. Verbs

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SCAMPER is only a small set of ways to change things. You can easily find other ways to change, by selecting any number of verbs which modify the problem in some way. For example: stretch, heat, melt, grate, cut, erode, show, hide, shake, flatten, grind, carve, compress, simplify, reduce, revise, attack, paint, smell, soften, wrap, throw, etc.

Taking one of these, say ‘reduce’ and a problem such as ‘how to stop my coffee from spilling’, could lead to a cup with a reduced opening or putting less coffee in the mug.

SCAMPER and verb modifiers can also be applied to intangible invention. For example, Dell’s original strategic invention of selling computers direct to the public could have been found by using the ‘Eliminate’ question on a picture of the standard industry supply-chain process.

Other logical/analytic tools:


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