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4.6. Invention 'So-what?'


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 4. Applied Simple Science > 4.6. Invention 'So-what?'

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All mechanical devices are designed to manage the movement of molecules. The molecules may be solid as in hinges, nuts and bolts, levers, and knives, which simply manage the speed and direction of movement of parts relative to each other, keeping them together or separating them.

For liquids and gases we manage their movement usually with solids, so we have pumps, valves, channels and seals, although if the molecules or atoms have an electric charge, we could also use fields.

We hope that in this chapter you have found new ways of looking at common devices, using basic science to help challenge assumptions and do things in different ways. By understanding the true fundamentals of what is happening and then using basic psychology to prompt your thoughts into action, you can invent not only in the mechanical world of this chapter, but in any other world you face.


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