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Charles Babbage

UK mathematician/inventor


Lauren Bacall

US actress

(1924–  )

Francis Bacon

UK philosopher/politician


Walter Bagehot

UK economist/journalist


Pearl Bailey

US Singer/actress


Philip James Bailey



George Balanchine

Ballet dancer/choreographer


Christina Baldwin

US author


Honoré de Balzac French writer (1799-1850)

Frederick G. Banting

Canadian physiologist (discoverer of insulin)


Daniel Barenboim

Brazilian pianist/conductor


Joel Barker

US futurist


Raymond Charles Barker

US religious educator


Chester Barnard

US businessman


James M. Barrie

UK novelist/dramatist


Frank Barron

US Psychologist


Ethel Barrymore

US actress


John Barton

UK stage director


Bernard Mannes Baruch

US statesman



Japanese poet


Charles Pierre Baudelaire

French poet


Trevor Baylis

UK inventor


Cecil Beaton

UK photographer/designer


Samuel Beckett

Irish playwright


Henry Ward Beecher

US cleric


Ludwig van Beethoven German composer (1770-1827)

R. Meredith Belbin

UK management expert


Alexander Graham Bell

Scottish scientist


George Bellows

US artist/lithographer


Ruth Benedict US anthropologist (1887-1948)

Arnold Bennett

UK novelist


Warren Bennis

US business guru


Bernard Berenson

US art critic and writer


Thomas Berger

US author


Henri Bergson



Irving Berlin Russian-American composer (1888-1989)
Isaiah Berlin Jewish scholar (1725-1799)

Hector Berlioz

French composer


Claude Bernard

French physiologist


Bill Bernabach

US Advertising executive


Yogi Berra

US baseball player (real name Laurence Peter Berra)

(1925–  )

Henry Bessemer

UK inventor


Benazir Bhutto

Pakistani stateswoman


A. W. Bickerton

NZ physics/chemistry professor


Ambrose Bierce

US writer/journalist

(1842– 1914)

Josh Billings

US humorist


Wilfred Bion

UK psychotherapist


William Blake UK poet (1757–1827)

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Russian founder of theosophy


Paul Bley

Canadan Jazz Musician


Arthur Bloch

US author


Henry Bohm

UK scientist


Niels Bohr

Danish physicist


Erma Bombeck US humorist (1927-1996)

Napoleon Boneparte

French Emperor


Edward de Bono

UK physician/writer

(1933–  )

Daniel J. Boorstin

US historian


Jorge Luis Borges

Argentinian writer


Antoine Bourdelle

French artist


Christian Bovée

US lawyer


Elizabeth Bowen

Irish author


Ray Bradbury

US science fiction author


John Braine

UK author


Alfred Brandt

German engineer


Werhner von Braun

German rocket scientist


William Bragg

UK physicist


Bertolt Brecht

German dramatist/poet


William Bridges

US writer


P. W. Bridgman

US physicist


Ashleigh Brilliant

US comic artist


William Bryant

US poet


Jacob Bronowski

UK scientist/writer


Charlotte Brontë

UK novelist


Joyce Brothers

US psychologist


Charles Brower

US advertising executive


Michael Brown US Nobel laureate (medicine, 1985) (1941-)

Rita Mae Brown

US feminist/writer


John Mason Brown

UK scientist/author


John Seely Brown

US researcher/author (Xerox)


Les Brown

US author/speaker


Elizabeth Barrett Browning

UK poet


Robert Browning

UK poet


Gautama Buddha

Founder of Buddhism

(c. –483 BC)

George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon

French naturalist


Edward George Bulwer-Lytton

UK novelist and politician


Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton

UK poet and politician (aka. Owen Meredith)


Charles Bukowski

German/US poet


Ralph Bunche

US statesman


Luther Burbank

US naturalist


Edmund Burke

UK politician


Robert Burns

Scottish poet


John Burroughs

US naturalist


Leo Burnett

US Advertising executive


Leo Buscaglia

US psychologist


Edward B. Butler

American scientist


Nolan Bushnell

US Founder of Atari


Nicholas Butler

US educator


Samuel Butler

UK satirist


Sydney Charles Buxton

UK Earl / statesman


George Byron

UK Lord, poet




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