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Julius Caesar

Roman emperor

(101-44 BC)

John Cage

US composer


Maria Callas

US opera singer


Italo Calvino

Cuban journalist/writer


Julia Cameron

US artist/author


Simon Cameron

US senator


David Campbell



D. T. Campbell

US sociologist


Albert Camus

French existentialist writer


Truman Capote

US Author/playwright


Frank Capra

Italian/US film director


Orson Scott Card

US science/fantasy author


George Carlin

US comedian/actor/writer


Jan Carlzon Swedish businessman (CEO of SAS Airlines)  

Thomas Carlyle

Scottish historian and essayist


Dale Carnegie

US lecturer and writer


Lewis Carroll

UK writer


James Carswell



George Washington Carver

US educator/agriculturalist


Andrew Carnegie

UK industrialist/philanthropist


Rachel Carson

US biologist


Pablo Casals

Spanish cellist


John Cassavetes

US Actor/director/writer


Gaius Cassius Greek assassin (of Julius Caesar) (-~31 BC)

Carlos Castaneda

US anthropologist/author


Catherine the Great

Russian empress


Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Spanish novelist (1547-1616)

Paul Cézanne

French artist


Marc Chagall

Belarus artist


James Champy

US Re-engineering consultant/author


Raymond Chandler

US novelist


Coco Chanel

French fashion designer


Charlie Chaplin

UK actor


Émile Chartier

French philosopher


Anton Chekhov

Russian dramatist



US singer


Gilbert Keith Chesterton

UK writer


Noam Chomsky

US linguist


Clayton Christensen

US professor/author


Agatha Christie

UK detective-story writer (1891–1976)


Winston Churchill

UK statesman/writer


Marcus Tullius Cicero

Roman orator/statesman

(106–43 BC)

Arthur C. Clarke

UK science-fiction writer

(1917–  )

Carl Von Clausewitz

Prussian General/strategist


Grover Cleveland

US president


John Cleese

UK comedian/actor


Bill Clinton US president (1946-)

Jean Cocteau

French poet/artist


Alan Cohen

US author


Robert Collier US author (1885-1950)

James Collins

US consultant


F. M. Colby

American writer


Samuel Taylor Coleridge

UK poet


James Bryan Conant

US scientist



Chinese philosopher

(551–479 BC)

Darryl Conner

US change consultant/author


Joseph Conrad

Polish-UK author


Terence Conran

US designer/businessman


Calvin Coolidge

US president


Ross Cooper Australian educator  

Aaron Copeland

US composer


Émille Coué

French pharmacist/hypnotist


Steven Covey

US Author/educator


Abraham Cowley

UK poet


William Cowper

UK poet


Coleman Cox

US President


Mandell Creighton

UK bishop


Oliver Cromwell

UK soldier/statesman


Walter Cronkite

US television journalist


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

US psychology professor


E. E. Cummings

UK poet


Marie Curie

Polish chemist


Henry Curtis





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