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9.3. Deep Thinking


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 9. Managing in a Complex World > 9.3. Deep Thinking

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If we have difficulty in creating meaning, then we may have to reconsider our deeper needs, goals, values, beliefs, mental models and even recalled memories. You can see this effect when you tell other people about something that they do not understand (like your latest invention!). Their blank looks indicate that they have ‘gone inside’ to try and make sense of what you are saying.

When this happens, if we cannot quickly derive a satisfactory meaning, we may put it to one side and come back later when we have time to muse further about this new and confusing situation.

In creative situations, because they are necessarily new, we often meet these points of incomplete understanding. How we assess these as interesting possibilities or threats to be defended against will have a significant effect on any inventive outcomes, particularly with respect to what we decide to do about this new and potential meaning.

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