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9.7. Invention 'So What?'


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 9. Managing in a Complex World > 9.7. Invention 'So What?'

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We can see that that there are many ways in which our interactions with the world can cause problems. But by understanding these, we can act to mitigate problems and utilise the potential for greater creative action. Points to remember include:

  • Understand your relative preferences for vision, sounds and feelings. Play to your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. A weak sense is treasure chest of new stimulation.
  • Vary your range of attention. Focus in on the problem while maintaining a broad awareness. Notice the unusual: do not ignore what does not quite fit. Be open to opportunities.
  • Create a context for inventing, a comfortable place where you feel comfortable and stimulated, and will not be distracted.
  • Beware of judging things based on their importance to you. Consider how things may understood in different ways.
  • Differentiate between your inner and outer worlds, putting both to good use. Imagination is the pump of invention, but unchecked it can also be a scourge.
  • Direct the different facets of your personality to help at appropriate times. Hush the critic when inventing, bringing him or her out when you are evaluating a well-formed idea.
  • Challenge your assumptions and beliefs. Ask ‘why’ again, as children do.
  • Build values and attitudes that help you invent, such as the importance of openness and persistence.
  • Beware of hurried and superficial decisions. Heuristics, and even our best forecasting, are based on the past. Creativity is about new things in the future.

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