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6.3. The 7-Step TRIZ Process: 3. Benefits


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 6. The 7-Step TRIZ Process > 6.3. The 7-Step TRIZ Process: 3. Benefits

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Now carefully evaluate the benefits of changing each of the parameters. How does it improve or worsen the functioning of the device? If changing a parameter in one direction makes it worse, would changing it in the other direction make it better?

If you have a lot of parameters and resources the list can get very long, so think about the primary benefit you are seeking. A primary technical benefit might be durability or longevity, strength or speed, whereas a primary non-technical benefit might be customer loyalty, brand image, or simply profit or market share.

Go through the parameters of the resources you have and simply ask how they might improve or worsen the primary benefits you are seeking.

For example, a benefit changing the rigidity of a table leg is that you could change its height, although this might worsen its stability. This could lead to ideas of curved compressible legs with a locking bar to achieve stability, as in Fig. 6.2.

Fig. 6.2 Compressible table

You can use a range of scoring systems to decide how good potential solutions are. The NAF method is to score out of ten for each of Novelty, Appeal and Feasibility of real-world solution (although what seems infeasible is often just another inventive challenge). The VICE system scores on each of Value-added, Impossibility, Can-do-ability and Energy-for.

Steps in the 7-step TRIZ process:

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