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6.1. The 7-Step TRIZ Process: 1. Resources


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 6. The 7-Step TRIZ Process > 6.1. The 7-Step TRIZ Process: 1. Resources

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Step one is simply to list all the resources in the system as you see it at present. These are not just the physical items of the device (say, motor, wires, case) but also all other things that can carry out some function (that may change one or more parameters) of other things in the system. So the air may be a resource, or someone’s shoes, or their hair which may fall out, or the dust, or the sunshine coming in from the window.

Current resources may currently exist in the system or things you can introduce other optional resources to it. You can also creatively identify fantasy resources. For example, to invent a different table current resources could include legs, feet, top surface, inner structure, edges, coffee stains, the floor, the walls and people’s hands. Optional resources could include ropes, chains, electricity cables, mouse pads, ash trays. Fantasy resources could be ghosts, socks, garden gnomes and butterflies. The fantasy resources may not be immediately useful as they are but they may stimulate an idea which you can work on and make practical.

Put the identified resources as a list in the first column of a table, such as Table 6.1.


Steps in the 7-step TRIZ process:

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