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5.4.4. TRIZ Thinking: Printing


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 5. Basic TRIZ > 5.4. TRIZ Thinking > 5.4.4. TRIZ Thinking: Printing

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Our printer would not print properly as the pages were not pulling through. On looking at the situation, it was clear that the problem was the paper. It was a set of sheets of labels and the sheets were binding to each other.

Putting a single sheet in the tray did not work either, as the printer wheel could not grip the paper. So–we needed several sheets, but the friction was too great when we had sheets next to each other. The question was how to solve the friction problem.

One TRIZ Principle is to inset an intermediary object. Maybe if we inserted low friction sheets between the label sheets it would feed through OK. But then it would print on sheets we do not want to print on.

So we add a page of printing nothing to every other sheet. It worked perfectly!

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