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5.4.2. TRIZ Thinking: Mowing the Grass


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 5. Basic TRIZ > 5.4. TRIZ Thinking > 5.4.2. TRIZ Thinking: Mowing the Grass

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I have a bit of a problem mowing my grass. Not the cutting bit but the tidying up and putting things away. To run the electric mower I need power. I run the extension lead from inside the house to the outside. Fine. I cut the front lawn and need to move the mower round the back.

The problem now is that I have grass on my trousers and shoes and I need to take out the extension lead and move it to the back. So I brush down my trousers, take off my shoes, go into the house and remove the lead only to have to put my shoes on again and walk round the back with the mower. It takes such a lot of time and I never manage to get all the grass off me!

What does TRIZ suggest? My contradiction could be stated as Speed against Harmful factors acting on an object outside (9 goes up and 30 goes up too). As my speed goes up more grass gets inside the house, which is outside the garden (You have to think laterally sometimes!)

One Principle suggested from the table is number 1, Segmentation – or divide an object into independent parts, which could lead to my extension cable being divided into two parts. One runs from the house to the window and the second from that point up to my mower. Now I can disconnect the mower while out in the garden. And I have a second extension cable already set up for the back of the house (Principles number 10, Prior action and 26, Copying – cheap of course!).

So I can pack all away just once and take a bit more time getting rid of the grass before coming back inside.

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