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12.8.2. Dreaming: Fiction (The Dream)


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 12. The TAO Design Process > 12.8. Dream Sequence > 12.8.2. Fiction (The Dream)

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The fiction stage is the second stage of the dream sequence.

Fig. 12.8 The Dream Sequence


The most important first step is to get ready to Dream. This is not about believing in the impossible. It is about opening your mind to seeing that what you now believe to be impossible, may just be possible.

The future is open to an infinite number of possibilities. Infinity is a big number and we can think of the future as containing an infinite number of impossible and possible events. Rather than wasting time on working out what we think is impossible we can simply start with some dreams and see where these take us. It may seem like an endless list so don’t try to force it–just relax, draw, write some nonsense and see where it takes you.

Draw from your fantastic wish and create a story where things just might be possible. Move as slowly as you need to build an almost-credible fiction.

Parts of the dream sequence:

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