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12.8.1. Dreaming: Fantasy (Make a Big Wish)


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 12. The TAO Design Process > 12.8. Dream Sequence > 12.8.1. Fantasy (Make a Big Wish)

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The fantasy stage is the first stage of the dream sequence.

Fig. 12.8 The Dream Sequence

If you are going to go for the Big Wish then think about the points we made about getting your brain working in the right mode. Pin some wonderfully creative pictures on the wall, get some toys out, play and draw and maybe write some poems! Stimulate your brain in lots of different ways and it will pay you back in connecting your Big Wish to the many different experiences you have had all through your life.

Check out with your senses whether you are in fight or flight mode. If so, then read through Chapter 3 again, check your motives and try the technique for getting yourself in a Creative mood. Make your big wish a fantasy, the impossible and perfect future where all problems are solved and every need is fulfilled.

Parts of the dream sequence:

Other sections in this chapter are:

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