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12.5.5. TRIZ: Principles


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 12. The TAO Design Process > 12.5. The TRIZ Sequence > 12.5.5. TRIZ: Principles

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The final step in the TRIZ sequence is to understand the deep principles, and from these derive a sound scientific option.

Fig. 12.5 The TRIZ sequence

When you bring together your ideality and contradictions, the resulting creative tension alone is a powerful force for triggering ideas.

The Contradiction Matrix and TRIZ principles in Appendices B and C provide a way of accessing the methods that have been used by many previous inventors. You can also use other principles, such as the four principles of simple science: energy, matter, space and time.

You can even use the principles of play! We normally take a very narrow view of what resources we have around us to deliver our goals. But you can choose to bypass these limiting thoughts and go crazy, imagining using anything to resolve your problem. How can you get your nice big plant to be a storage cupboard for your knives, forks, and spoons? Its resources are its branches, leaves, flowers, bark, roots, and even seeds?

I buy birthday presents. I do this to please the person with the birthday. But I do not like trying to buy presents they might like because I always feel under pressure of time (spot the contradiction). What if I did not buy birthday presents? This could mean buying presents at any time without thinking of the person you might give it to. You see something that is nice, so you buy it. You keep a stock of future presents. When birthdays arise you choose from your present stock. You can buy nice things when abroad, when browsing, or at any time.

To build a conservatory without affecting the garden I might ask myself, can I get the inside of my house to be like a conservatory with all the benefits of extra space and light but no conservatory. So I might just sell off lots of things in my house which I don’t use and simply change the windows and the wallpaper so I have a light, spacious living room!

Other parts of the TRIZ sequence are:

Other sections in this chapter are:

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