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12.4.2. Analytic: Requirement


How To Invent (Almost) Anything > 12. The TAO Design Process > 12.4. The Analytic Sequence > 12.4.2. Requirement

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Having identified a domain within which to invent, the next stage is to identify specifically what benefits you want to confer, and to whom.

Fig. 12.3 The Analytic sequence

With a careful eye, you will see many gaps between what people need, want, expect and accept, as shown in Fig. 12.4. What we want is not always what we need, often because we do not realise our own needs. We expect what we assume is possible and reasonable, which is often less than we really want. And what we receive does not always live up to our expectations. All such gaps are opportunities for invention, whether in products or services.

Fig. 12.4 Opportunity gaps

Look at the problems people are having, the things that they are putting up with and all the unmet and often unrealised needs they have. Use decomposition methods to break down their activities and lives. Use causal analysis and questioning methods to find real reasons and details of their situation. Seek out the opportunities for invention where they would gladly pay good money for removal of pain and other improvement in their lives.

For example, having selected race-goers, by analysing their behaviour you might find that they are putting up with having to stand around all day, carrying a large and unwieldy lunch-bag, along with other paraphernalia.

Other parts of the analytic sequence:

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