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When to use it

Use it when you are exploring how an idea can be put into practice.

Use it to test the viability of an idea, perhaps earlier in the process, before you start making prototypes.



  X        Long



X          Psychological



    X      Group


How to use it

To maximise the speed at which information about something you have created is spread through a society and is broadly adopted, consider the following checklist.


+/- Purpose Description
  Clear benefit Benefits conferred are clear
  Understandable Easy to to understand how it works
  Observable Can be observed in action
  Trialable Easy to try out
  Economic benefit Has a high relative economic value
  Social benefit Has a significant social advantage
  Satisfies needs Satisfies an unsatisfied need
  Values alignment Does not transgress core values
  Compatibility Works with current technology
  Individual Can be adopted by individual rather than needing whole-group adoption
  Social proof Already adopted by social leaders
  Discussable Can be discussed in existing social environment
  Better Improvement in sufficient of above categories over current solution



I have an idea for a new demountable building structure, so test it out with the table as above. Note how not all criteria fit (industrial and personal situations are not always similar), so I make sense of them as I can.


+/- Purpose Alignment
++ Clear benefit Large, weatherproof temporary building
+++ Understandable Very simple concept
++ Observable Video made of it being used
- Trialable Only one prototype - build quality not that good
-- Economic benefit Is very expensive
0 Social benefit Irrelevant - industrial application
++ Satisfies needs  
++ Values alignment Usable in disaster situations
+ Compatibility Standard footprint
++ Individual Can be used by one organization.
-- Social proof No other users at the moment
++ Discussable Simple to discuss.
+ Better A bit bigger than existing solutions


How it works

This checklist is based on a landmark study by Everett Rogers of how ideas spread ('diffuse') through societies.

See also

Everett Rogers, The Diffusion of Innovations

Diffusion Lifecycle, Diffusion


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