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David Straker

David Straker has worked in Research and Development of some sort or another for a large part of his life. With an original degree in Electronic Engineering, and after a dalliance in teaching Mathematics, he swiftly moved into Software Engineering, where he went from big, corporate stuff down to programming one-armed bandits and video games (where he was awarded a couple of patents).

After a Masters degree in Management and Technology, he moved to Hewlett Packard, where his engineering questions of ‘How do things work? How can we make them work better?’ found fertile soil. This led him through software quality to business quality to marketing (pausing for a Diploma here) to business methods research, development and deployment. Today, he manages global programs in Agilent Technologies where he applies inventive principles to solve strategic and tactical problems in new business integration.

For fun, he writes books on improving business (this is his fifth) and for relaxation he practices Tai Chi. In between, he is totally average, being married with two children (one of each), a dog and a mortgage. He has just started work on a fighting robot. Can you imagine a limpet robot?

Graham Rawlinson

Graham’s first career as a psychologist led to a wide variety of experiences in education, from working with children with special needs to writing T.V programmes and software for basic numeracy, from lecturing students in Hong Kong to a position as Director of Enterprise at the University of Surrey.

His second career has developed over the last few years as a facilitator of change, for education and business. Developing from his change management role at the University he worked for a period for Synectics Ltd as an innovation consultant. He has been involved in innovation sessions with leading companies such as Kellogg, Marks and Spencer, Mars and Coca-Cola.

When he found TRIZ he saw it as a tool which enabled him to link creativity with science so for the last 3 years he has been running innovation sessions to invent everything from simple fasteners to wave machines to electronic gadgets!

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