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Ellen Domb, editor, The TRIZ Journal and US TRIZ trainer and facilitator:

“TRIZ students will find many parts of “How to Invent (Almost) Anything” very useful. The chapter on TRIZ is succinct, and includes all the basic techniques of TRIZ. I really liked a lot of the approaches, and several I had never seen before and will start using right away. The sections on logical tools and scientific analysis methods are excellent companions to TRIZ, and incorporate the TRIZ concepts of using available resources, while showing the reader how to be technically creative about what is available and what is a resource. “How to Invent” is an exciting addition to the literature of TRIZ in English.”

George Prince (Founder of Synectics Inc., a USA and World Creativity and Innovation Consultancy, for which Graham used to work):

“I found the book both light-hearted and profound. It deals with complex subjects with clarity and converts the complex into understandable fundamentals I can readily use as tools to see a problem in a different light.
TRIZ is a powerful, proven invention tool and this is a wonderfully useable introduction to it.”

Vincent Nolan, former Chairman, Synectics Ltd., author of Open to Change (1981), The Innovators Handbook (1989) and, with Martin Brooks, The Changemakers Toolkit (1996):

"An exciting integration of the art of scientific analysis and the science of creativity."

Jeffrey Hyman, Director, The Innovation Exchange, Rank Hovis McDougall:

“This is a very important book. It sums up the essence of inventiveness in a way that all others have failed to thus far.”

Paul Birch, Innovation Consultant and former Corporate Jester for British Airways:

“If you really want to invent something, whatever it is, then read this book!”

Ian Mitchell, Senior Design Engineer, Ilford Ltd:

"This is a well written book covering scientific analysis and the psychology and methods associated with the way we solve problems. These subjects are presented in a clear, concise and thought provoking manner. I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone who has to solve problems on a daily basis."

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