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When to use it

Use it when you are are stuck and are stuck in a rut of constrained thinking.

Use when you need to find more ideas.

Use it when you are more introverted, and verbal streaming is too uncomfortable.

Use it when you are writing something creative and are getting stuck.

Use it when you do not have someone to do verbal streaming with.

Use it when it works better for you than verbal streaming!



      X    Long



        X  Psychological



X          Group


How to use it

Go hide somewhere

Find a place where you can be alone for a good deal of time. Make it somewhere comfortable, where you can write. Take lots of writing paper and a variety of pens and pencils.

Write and write and write

Now sit and write. First write out what is at the top of your mind. It can be as private as you like, because nobody else is going to read what you write. Probably not even you. You can swear if you like - and, at times, it can be a nice, carthartic exercise. Get out all your grumbles and complaints. Write about the people who are annoying you. Say whatever comes to mind. It needn't be fully factual. It can be vague suspicions. Just get it out.

When you run out of immediate things to write, start on something else. Anything will do, and you should stop only to rest your arm and take some light refreshment. Write about your life. Write a story. Don't worry about grammar or spelling. You can even write gibberish. Just don't stop.

And eventually, you will get through your block. The process takes some people hours and other people days. All it needs is persistence.

This is particularly useful if you have writer's block, as the story you are trying to write will eventually find its way through into your writing.

Afterwards, you may like to have a nice bonfire with the paper you wrote on. It can be a helpful ritual to symbolize putting what was getting in the way firmly behind you.


Oh bloody hell and damnation and all kinds of swearing and garbage and rubbish to everyone I know! I don't have enough time and everybody knows that and still they keep hanging around. Am I unreasonable? I don't care. I'm just heartily sick of things and all I want to do is have time to myself to develop some ideas and so now I've locked myself away and nobody knows I'm here hahahahahaha. Oh I'm an evil idiot and so are you, you person in the mirror who I don't know and who doesn't know me. La la la. When will I get a cup of tea? I'll have to get it myself but I'll just finish this bit because it's going to get something out I can feel it and here it comes.

How it works

This approach works by emptying the conscious mind of what is concerning it and anything else that may be lurking in the shadows. Just getting things out gives space for more ideas to be drawn up from the subconscious.

See also

Verbal streaming


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