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When to use it

Use Modeling when you are creating ideas with artistic and tactile people.

Use it as a break from hard thinking sessions. Even brainy people like to make things.








      X    Psychological



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How to use it

1. Assemble modeling materials

Get together some modeling materials. Traditionally, children's modeling clay is used for this, but you can get creative and use paper, sticky tape, straws, wood, glue and so on. You can also use children's modeling toys, such as Lego or K'Nex. Don't forget to also include tools such as scissors, staplers, and so on.

In a longer creative session held in an office, you can send people on a scavenging mission to find this. Otherwise you will have to bring it with you.

2. Make some ideas ideas

Use the modeling materials to make some ideas. Build simple models - you do not need to be Michaelangelo.

You can doodle or go into detail. You can work on one idea or squish out lots of different ones. In short, just do what takes your fancy.

3. Show and tell

Show the models to other people and talk about the features of it and what it means to you. Capture these thoughts as they appear. Ask others what they think. Capture their thoughts too.


In thinking about floor-covering, I make a spiral mat, a lot of overlapping and bumpy tiles, and a carpet with tasselly corners.

How it works

Modeling uses the kinethetic, feelings-based skills

See also

NUF Test, Exploration

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