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What are Creative Problems?


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In or work and our lives today we are constantly faced with problems that we must solve in order to move forward. Many of these problems are relatively easy, providing a brief and interesting challenge, but hardly causing us to break sweat.

Other problems are more difficult, but with some serious analysis will yield to the application of a logical and structured discipline.

This leaves us with the slippery, knotty and downright cantankerous problems that somehow manage to elude the even the most well-informed analysis. This is the domain of Creative Problem Solving.

Recognizing creative problems

Creative problems have several recognizable attributes:

  • They do not succumb to logical methods.
  • There is no 'one right answer', although some may be more right than others.
  • There are still many wrong answers.
  • They are a bit like jokes--you often do not find out how good they really are until after you have tried them out.

Creative solutions

Creative solutions are more than ideas - they must work in the real world. A creative solution has three attributes:

  • It is new (otherwise it would not be creative).
  • It is useful, in that it solves the problem (otherwise it would not be a solution).
  • It is feasible, given the messy real world constraints like money and time.

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