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Quo Vadis:
Where does an innovative company go next?

David Straker

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When a company is already well known for its innovation, yet is faced with constantly increasing market pressures, where does it go? This paper offers an understanding of innovation based on five maturity levels.

The five levels of innovation maturity

This paper describes five levels of innovation maturity which can be used to both assess the current position of a company and to show the way forward.


Level no Level name Management style Individual approach Critical domain
1 Suppressed Opposing Displacement None / product
2 Enabled Ignoring Skunkworks Near
3 Encouraged Supporting Analytic / intuition Process
4 Educated Training, structure Tools, skill Distant
5 Enlightened Deep understanding Appropriate Strategic


To transition from each level requires a cultural shift to create and sustain the change the behaviours that are implicitly required for the next level of innovation maturity. Each of these maturity levels is described in the sections below.


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